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Logics and Statistics for Language Modeling: Logic Section.

The Logic Section of the "Logics and Statistics for Language Modeling" is an introduction to logic from a computational point of view, with special enphasis on how logic and inference is required in different applications of natural language processing.


  • Carlos Areces
  • Office B 230, LORIA, Campus scientifique de Vandoeuvre
  • Email: firstname.lastname@loria.fr
  • Tel: 03 54 95 84 90


Additonal Exercises

  • Propositional Logics: [pdf]
  • First Order Logics: [pdf]
  • Description Logics: [pdf]

Additional Reading

  • Propositional Logic [pdf]
  • Davis Putnam method [pdf]
    (Note: I found these notes online, they provide some further details and another example of the DP method. It could be useful as additional material, but notice that the presentation is a bit different from the one I used. Also, the notes include material that we didn't cover.)
  • First Order Logic [pdf]