The Workshop on Natural Language Processing and Web-based Technologies will be held on November 1st 2010 in Bahía Blanca, Argentina, in conjunction with IBERAMIA 2010.

Natural Language Processing is a crucial aspect of human-computer interaction and the interface to access the huge amounts of textual information available today. As computers grow more powerful, more tools and techniques are deployed to facilitate access to information and informatic applications, many of them relying on NLP techniques: machine translation, question answering, dialogue systems, spelling and ortographic correction, aids to writing, plagiarism detection... Thus, NLP becomes a central aspect of many applications.

Besides, the World Wide Web has become the largest textual information repository in history. New paradigms, such as the Web 2.0, offer powerful communication and collaborative platforms for Web-based approaches. These technologies usually depend on NLP techniques. This workshop will also include those topics where Computational Linguistics and Web-based technologies intersect.

We aim to bring together researchers from the areas of Natural Language Processing and Web-based technologies. Both areas are inherently multidisciplinary and working on related problems. The workshop is intended to foster collaboration in information and language technologies.

Another objective of this workshop is to promote the area of Natural Language Processing in Argentina in particular and in Latin America in general, and to establish and consolidate connections between communities in the Iberoamerican area.

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