About me


Mainly, I work with semantics for probabilistic transition systems, but I have done other things. Check my publications in my site, Google Scholar or DBLP. Here you can find my phd thesis.  

Before coming here, I was a member of the Dependable System Group at FaMAF (Córdoba, Argentina). In addition, I used to have some teaching duties

Besides, I study Logosophy, train capoeira and I have a website about tango in Córdoba. The website is really great, but the credit is not mine.. For several years now, Mónica has been in charge :)


Facultad de Matemática, Astronomía y Física
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Av. Medina Allende s/n , Ciudad Universitaria,
CP:X5000HUA, Córdoba, Argentina
Oficina: 399
E-mail: lee AT famaf.unc.edu.ar