Welcome to my home-page! I'm a professor at the computer science department of FaMAF, at the University of Córdoba. Most of my salary, though, is a postdoc scholarship from CONICET, the national agency for science.


My research interests are in type-theory, specially Martin-Löf dependent type theories, and semantics of programming languages. In particular I have been studying Normalization by Evaluation (NbE) for dependent type theories. My current objective is to develop enough theory to inform an implementation of type theory based on NbE.


  1. Lenguajes y Compiladores: semantics of programming languages; in spite of its title, there is nothing about compilers.
  2. Introducción a la lógica y la computación: a basic course about propositional logic (with a fair ammount of lattice theory) and finite automata.


I am a member of the Theona project, whose goal is to produce software tools and textbooks for the first courses on programming. Yahc is a checker for derivations in equational logic, but it is superseded by some of the programs in the Theona project.


mail: pagano at famaf.unc.edu.ar
Postal: Av. Medina Allende s/n , Ciudad Universitaria, CP:X5000HUA Córdoba, Argentina.
Fax: +54 351 4334054