Milagro Teruel

Computer Scientist
PhD Student

Quick Bio

I'm a Computer Scientist based in Córdoba, Argentina. I'm currently pursuing a PhD in Computing under the direction of Laura Alonso Alemany at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba and Marcelo Luis Errecalde, from the Universidad Nacional de San Luis.

As a computer scientist I do mostly Machine Learning, and even though I didn't wanted to be trapped by the Deep Learning hype, I ended up doing Deep Learning anyway. I discovered I like it after all, it has a lot of potential it has not yet reached, and on top of that it's a nice complex problem to keep me busy a couple of years.

As a teacher... the faces of "ohhh that's how a recursive function works" are priceless. I try to always find time to teach, maybe even make a difference for someone. I strongly believe that education can change your life and add more value than any other thing to your personal capital. I hope it's my small grain of sand towards making higher education easier and accessible for everyone.

On a completly unrelated topic, I love things that look pretty, and if I can combine that with programming I'm happy! Humans are visual, and if you want to effectively communicate something, start by making it appealing. That's why I like data visualizations, but I still have a long road learning design.

As a person, I'm a dancer, I have a lot of cousins and love to do jigsaw puzzles and origami. That's says everything you need to know. I sing too, for the detriment of everyone sharing the same space with me at the time.

Disclaimer: I may not finish this site any time soon...


Representation Learning for Educational Data Mining

This is my main PhD topic. We are studying how to find automatic representations for low level data, extracted from logs of educational material such as MOOCs or tutoring systems. We look for results in interpretability to aid teachers and instructional designers to handle large volumes of data.

Argumentation Mining

Our aim is to automatically extract argumentative structures from legal text, in particular judgements of the European Court of Human Rights. This is a work in collaboration with WIMMICS team, INRIA, in the French city of Sophia Antipolis.

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Teaching is one of the most rewarding activities of my week. I started working as a Student Assistant in 2013, and since then I've tried to always find the time to do it. I'm currently holding an Assistant Teacher position at FaMAF. Some courses that I've been involved with are:

  • Algorithms and Data Structures I and II
  • Databases
  • Operative Systems
  • Programming Paradigms

Work Experience

I've worked as a Software Developer for several companies while I was doing my Master and PhD. Always for a couple of months, but they were all amazing experiences and I got to learn from the best programmers. Most of my industry experience is related to Web Development, what I like to call the "frontend of the backend".

The most important company I've worked for is Google, where I did three interships. I also worked in startups in Córdoba likeMachinalis, and as volunteer for an open source project, Oppia. Check my linkedin for the updated info.

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